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Oilseed Rape

19 July 2019

Information on UK grain merchants, including the commodities they trade

29 November 2019

Video: this RL service makes sure you are among the first to hear about variety performance

29 November 2019

Video: A comprehensive overview of the tables in the RL booklet

29 November 2019

Video: A description of the robust network of variety trials for cereals and oilseeds

29 November 2019

Video: Journey across 50 years and discover the key plant breeding milestones for cereals and oilseed rape

8 July 2019

Norfolk grower Richard Ling committed to develop a sustainable arable business that can stand on its own two feet, at the launch of the new Diss Monitor Farm.

5 July 2019

There has been a further increase in the Scottish winter barley area in 2019, while oats are also estimated to have increased potentially due to decreased plantings of oilseed rape.

5 July 2019

Following a year of challenging agronomics and pest pressure, the English oilseed rape area has fallen to a 16-year low