Oilseed Rape

17 April 2024

We answer key questions to help growers adapt to the new requirements.

11 June 2024

Stop at our stand to pick up free resources, chat to staff and take part in technical debates

15 March 2024

Another survey since our Early Bird Survey in November 2023 has revealed a drastic further reduction in cropped areas. The wet autumn meant lower levels of planting, and continued severe weather resulted in winter losses.

18 March 2024

Covering weeds, pests, diseases and nutrients, AHDB’s Ollie Johnson blogs about the current focus for oilseed rape.

7 March 2024

Learn about an initiative that matches farmers with on-farm research opportunities.

6 March 2024

A blog about cereal agronomy after a storm-filled autumn and winter.

15 February 2024

Excess winter rainfall data can indicate how much nitrate has leached into drainage water.

13 February 2024

Harvest 2023 provided a stern test of pod shatter resistance claims (what did we learn?)

12 January 2024

The booklet comes with a fresh new look, following feedback from the 2023 RL review.

28 March 2024

Using biopesticides and biocontrol agents to tackle cabbage stem flea beetle is the subject of a new PhD report

18 December 2023

An overview of the new ratings and why they have different categories to other diseases.

7 December 2023

We examine the latest fungicide efficacy data for winter wheat