Oilseed Rape

4 March 2021

Some crops are already showing symptoms in the field.

26 February 2021

Paul Gosling looks at how to make the best choice for your rotation.

23 February 2021

Grain contract basics and other top tips.

16 February 2021

Most areas of the UK have already breached the ‘high’ excess winter rainfall (EWR) threshold, according to mid-season estimates published by AHDB.

9 February 2021

The UK has found itself at the heart of a coordinated attack on CSFB

9 February 2021

An AHDB-funded PhD student is working on biological solutions to CSFB

28 January 2021

Each species of brome has a different distribution across the UK.

29 January 2021

Identify your field’s brome populations to help target management

11 January 2021

The way oilseed rape grows can make the crop a challenge to harvest

11 January 2021

To reach its full yield potential, oilseed rape needs the optimum number of seeds, with each one to filling completely.

12 January 2021

Crop development during these stages influences many management decisions, including nutrient and pesticide applications.

11 January 2021

Learn how a crop’s green area index (GAI) can help guide canopy management.