11 May 2021

Our Fight Against Blight programme started in 2004 and since then ‘blight scouts’ have sent in over 10,000 samples of potentially blight infested potato plants for genotyping.

11 May 2021

BlightSpy is a tool for growers and agronomists that can be used in their fight against late blight – it offers an eight-day blight forecast and more detail than its predecessor Blightwatch.

2 February 2021

Late blight remains the single most important potato disease, costing the industry an estimated £50m annually in crop protection chemicals in a typical blight pressure season. Supporting the industry to help prevent and control this disease is one of our key priorities at AHDB Potatoes, through our Blightwatch and Fight Against Blight services.

11 May 2021

Varietal resistance to late blight, including the newer strains which have become prevalent, can still make a real difference to control, David Wilson, AHDB Knowledge Exchange Manager Potatoes told the online audience at the December 2020 Agronomy Week.

10 August 2020

Latest blight fungicide testing means no changes to current guidance

19 October 2020

The Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) has approved the use of Funguran Progress to control late blight in organic potato crops.

29 June 2020

Potato growers are able to sent fresh blight samples for genotyping once again

8 July 2021

This arable magazine covers a variety of AHDB-funded activities.

3 September 2019

An update on our Fight Against Blight service

23 July 2021

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15 August 2019

The Agronomist Conference this year will focus on IPM

1 July 2019

The final Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm Open Day hosted by Bruce Farms will highlight simple practical changes growers can make to improve their margins.