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Cross sector

Agonomics with David & Jack

AHDB economists David Eudall and Jack Watts look at why pork market prices have been stable so far this calendar year. 

And while it's all quiet on the pig front, the same can't be said for the grain markets as we enter a critical and volatile time of the year with the harvests across Europe.

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British Pig & Poultry Fair round up

We bring you some of the highlights from the British Pig & Poultry Fair that took place at the NEC in May, where contingency planning for African swine fever (ASF) was among the topics of AHDB's theatre sessions.

Reporter Martin Winch catches up with our Head of Animal Health and Welfare, Dr Mandy Nevel, to talk more about ASF, as well as getting word from recently appointed Pork Sector Council Chair Glen Nimmo, and Head of Education, Roz Reynolds.

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Cereals and Oilseeds

Becoming a Monitor Farm

We visited Jack Houghton, a farm manager near Wolverhampton, as he officially joined our Monitor Farm programme.

Our reporter Carolyn Smith went along to the launch event to meet all those involved, including Knowledge Exchange Manager Alex Ansell.


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Beef and Lamb

Genetics: The suckler industry's missed opportunity

Using genetics, rather than selecting animals purely on their visual characteristics, is likely to lead to a more productive and profitable suckler herd. So why do so few beef farmers use them?

AHDB's Beef and Lamb team caught up with our Lead Animal Genetics Expert, Harriet Bunning, and suckler farmer James Dixon, to discuss what factors you should consider when choosing your best breeding animals.

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Understanding Johne's disease

In this episode, knowledge exchange manager James Hague is joined by Pete Orpin from the Action Group for Johne’s, Sarah Tomlinson, our lead veterinary science expert, and farmer Caroline Williams to discuss the importance of detection and control of the disease.

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Johne's Disease

Managing and treating Johnes


Agonomics with David and Jack

AHDB economists David Eudall and Jack Watts examine the stories behind the numbers from the world of agriculture.

As agri-food markets become more uncertain, driven by changing weather, geopolitics, energy costs and changing consumer demands, David and Jack track the latest trends and explain what it all means for our levy payer businesses. And what impact it has on consumers.

Each week the pair throw the spotlight on at least one sector, with the focus shared between arable, dairy, pork, beef and lamb as well as the wider farming industry. These sectors are ruled by the forces of economics and supply and demand which is why this podcast combines AGriculture and ecONOMICS.

Given commodity markets, their multi-annual cycles and key inputs continue to evolve, Jack and David draw on their combined decades of expertise to offer insight to help farmers and supply chains alike navigate the volatility and capitalise on opportunities.

If you have a question, or a suggestion for a future episode, please email the team at agonomics@ahdb.org.uk

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