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Recommended Lists

The AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) for cereals and oilseeds. Download the 2020/21 booklet and access other RL resources.

The AHDB Recommended Lists for cereals and oilseeds (RL) publications provide information on yield and quality performance, agronomic features and market options to assist with variety selection.

RL 2020/21 online tables

Crop committee vacancies

Would you like to be at the cutting edge of independent crop trials and part of a team recommending varieties for the UK? If the answer is 'yes', then you may be interested to learn that AHDB has two Recommended Lists crop committee vacancies:

Application closing date has now passed.

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Harvest Results

Access the latest information from AHDB Recommended List trials, including sowing lists and Harvest Result data. Or sign up to Harvest Results – our e-newsletter sent out regularly during harvest.

Visit the Harvest Results page



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The AHDB Recommended Lists for cereals and oilseeds 2016–2021 (RL) project provides independent information on yield and quality performance, agronomic features and market options to assist with variety selection. Produced each year, the RL publications are based on the analysis of hundreds of UK trials conducted across several years. Explore our 'protocols' page for information on the trials and the decision-making process, including the reasons for adding and removing varieties from RL.

The RL 2019/20 booklet was first published on 13 February 2019. The second (summer) edition was published on 16 May 2019. The RL pocketbooks for 2019/20 were published on 26 April 2019. The online tables for 2020/21 were first published on 2 December 2019.

Featured podcast

The latest RL and the variety selection tool

AHDB Communications Manager Jason Pole outlines the main changes in the 2020/21 Recommended List (RL). He also speaks with Paul Gosling, head of the RL team, about the new variety selection tool. 

Project consortium

The AHDB Recommended Lists are managed by a project consortium of AHDB, BSPBMAGB and nabim.