11 November 2019

Genetic Improvement Networks (GINS) generate pre-breeding material that carries novel, profitable and sustainable traits.

25 October 2019

Recommended Lists (RL) 2020/21 winter wheat disease ratings for yellow rust and brown rust

20 November 2019

Finance; the future; science and technology and TV promotion. Just a snapshot of the topics for discussion at the 2019 Onion and Carrot Conference taking place in the historic city of Cambridge.

31 October 2019

See the results of the 2019 variety trials

21 November 2019

New poinsettia varieties, growth control programmes and water deficit irrigation

20 November 2019

Join us at the next prime soft fruit event exploring a range of collaborative research projects for soft fruit growers, led and managed by scientists at NIAB EMR, the James Hutton Institute, ADAS and others.

31 October 2019

Mechanical weeders, soil health, spotted wing drosophila and training systems

3 October 2019

New plum centre and mechanical weeder revealed to growers

10 October 2019

Some OSR may already have 10% of the crop affected by phoma, according to the leaf spot forecast for the disease.

11 September 2019

James and Michael have recorded some record yields

4 September 2019

Find out about the latest research for tree fruit crops