21 September 2020

A video explaining how the Agronomists' Induction will work in 2020

4 September 2020

Discover how farm-saved seed can increase erucic acid risks in oilseed rape

1 September 2020

Cereals grower Rob Waterston has managed to grow a robust crop of winter wheat using minimal fungicide inputs

30 November 2020

The Agronomists’ Induction introduces new and student agronomists to AHDB

2 September 2020

Our next monthly webinar is just two weeks away and will explore techniques that will help drive the agriculture industry forwards with the use of IPM.

21 August 2020

This manual looks at establish and growing clover for livestock. The cost of production per kilogram of liveweight gain or litre of milk is a major consideration for all livestock producers. One of the best ways to improve efficiency and increase profitability is to produce more feed on the farm, rather than buying it in.

30 November 2020

Agronomy Week will showcase the latest research and provide agronomists with practical management strategies to use across the rotation.

7 September 2020

Varieties of vining pea including PGRO descriptive lists. The tables in this guide describe briefly the yield and characteristics of varieties evaluated over recent years with details of other varieties available on request. 

7 September 2020

This factsheet provides a summary of the performance of commercially available autumn and winter cauliflower and spring green varieties.

3 September 2020

This factsheet provides growers of white cabbage with new information on the identification of the principal internal disorders of white cabbage, the causes of the problems, including the important link between viruses and internal disorders, and the actions needed to minimise their economic impact.

3 September 2020

Gooseberry sawfly, American gooseberry mildew and die-back caused by Phytophthora and Eutypa are a particular problem for many growers. This guide will help to identify regularly found pest and disease problems and how best to manage them. It also provides a resume of the current varieties available to growers along with some brief notes on cultural considerations.

3 September 2020

This report also describes a new approach to mathematical modelling of the dormancy response of different floricane raspberry varieties.