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6 November 2019

What to consider when building a biological pest control programme for ornamental crops

7 January 2020

Active surveillance and measures to prevent introduction, establishment and spread of viral infection is critical

20 November 2019

Join us at the next prime soft fruit event exploring a range of collaborative research projects for soft fruit growers, led and managed by scientists at NIAB EMR, the James Hutton Institute, ADAS and others.

4 October 2019

Cereal growers can learn about their fields' aphid populations, if they get involved in a new research project.

10 October 2019

Some OSR may already have 10% of the crop affected by phoma, according to the leaf spot forecast for the disease.

6 February 2020

A factsheet to help assess the disease risk of seed potatoes and plan a growth strategy

16 October 2019

Latest information on hygiene best practice for growers in the Lea Valley area

19 December 2019

Event organisers can secure a top speaker this winter

13 September 2019

The vast majority of aphids tested do not carry BYDV

11 September 2019

Easy reference poster to identify symptoms from key pests and diseases of carrots and parsnips

5 September 2019

Easy to use poster showing the most common pests and diseases of onions and leeks

5 September 2019

Robotics funding to transform horticulture, a computer model to improve biopesticides and a new plum demonstration centre