14 June 2019

Diamondback moths arrive in large numbers in the UK

7 June 2019

All cereals will be drilled without a neonicotinoid treatment this autumn

12 June 2019

Potatoes events, from conferences to field walks, held across Britain this summer

26 June 2019

Join us at New Farm Produce to explore ongoing research into the development of responsibly sourced growing media and the optimisation of integrated pest management (IPM) of strawberry and cane fruit pests and diseases.

28 May 2019

Integrated pest management strategy for asparagus beetle

29 May 2019

Industry needs to adopt a fully integrated approach to managing pests, weeds and diseases, to support sustainable farming in the long-term, according to AHDB.

17 July 2019

Innovations in glasshouse climate control, new varieties, downy mildew and post-harvest treatments for cut flowers

4 July 2019

Pest, disease and weed control for herbaceous crops and a tour of Syngenta's research centre

27 June 2019

The future of disease control, followed by a 'what do I get for my levy?' Q&A

1 May 2019

Head of Minor Use programme says goodbye after 40 years in horticulture

26 April 2019

The AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) pocketbooks for 2019/20 are now online.

23 May 2019

Reducing sprays for strawberry powdery mildew, encouraging pollinators and sustainable control for pear sucker