13 April 2021

Summary of the SCEPTREplus narcissus trials

8 April 2021

As grain remains a ‘living’ crop, it is essential to monitor it during storage.

6 April 2021

Alternative control options to plant protection products in battle against bean seed fly

29 March 2021

Putting natural enemies at the heart of your IPM strategy is essential to prevent and control pear sucker successfully

25 March 2021

From rotation and cultivation to crop protection, Colin Chappell takes stock of all available information before taking final decisions.

23 March 2021

New research could reduce our reliance on spray products to control codling and tortrix moths

22 March 2021

A new report indicates the pyrethroid sensitivity of two important aphid virus vectors.

17 March 2021

Alternative bioprotectants show promise in controlling leafhopper in our SCEPTREplus trial

6 April 2021

Latest views and analysis from AHDB technical experts on IPM strategies for horticulture

16 March 2021

Use our spring OSR forecasts – for sclerotinia, as well as light leaf spot and aphids – to help target control.

15 March 2021

This definitive guide makes it easier to detect and control pest populations across the rotation.

4 March 2021

How to identify and control bean seed fly