Which pig herd management software should I use?

Integrating herd management software into your farm can allow you to manage your pig herd more efficiently and effectively. 

We've reached out to some of the key suppliers of pig herd management software and asked them a set of questions to detail their platform.

Pork producers live a hectic lifestyle; the increasing complexity of operations means the days in which producers could use a pen and paper to collect information concerning their herd are over.

If producers want to run a modern-day operation, then the old traditional data collection methods are obsolete, and suitable software for herd management is needed.


What is a herd management system?

Herd management software is a system that assists producers to record and keep track of their herd from birth to sale. It captures all events concerned with a pig and holds a record of the most critical dates in the pig's life cycle.

With herd management software, producers can keep track of every pig on the farm, track costing and performance metrics, as well as the financials resulting from the eventual sale.

What does a herd management system record?

Common metrics herd management software can record medical treatments, breeding records, breeding history, accounting and financials. The software can visualise these metrics graphically, allowing you to keep track of your key performance indicators easily.

We have reached out to some of the key suppliers of pig herd management software systems and asked them a set of questions to detail their platform. Providing you with the information to decide which herd performance software is best suited to you.

Disclaimer: All information is accurate of time of publication (08 June 2021)

Agrisyst PigExpert App

PigExpert is developed to do quick and easy large volumes of data entry. It’s a complete software solution from farrow to finish, including rearing within one program.

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PigVision by AgroVision

PigVision (formerly known as WinPig) is the latest management software from AgroSoft/AgroVision. The program is developed in cooperation with pig producers, consultants and veterinary experts

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D2D PigCom software

PigCom results from over ten years of development and provides an advanced pig management software package that records and analyses production data, presenting it in an understandable format.

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The PigCHAMP line of products is an integrated suite of powerful management tools for the swine industry. Used worldwide by producers, veterinarians, and management consultants for swine data collection, management, and interpretation.

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Quantum is a real-time, cloud-based pig farm monitoring platform that detects, classifies and quantifies livestock. The web-based service that connects to farm servers runs the algorithms to classify animals in real-time by receiving a livestream from the cameras on the farm.

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James Taylor

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Pork

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