Agrisyst PigExpert App

PigExpert is developed to do quick and easy large volumes of data entry. It’s a complete software solution from farrow to finish, including rearing within one program/licence.

It is available as a desktop, server, or cloud solution, completely integrated with the mobile app for data entry on a phone, tablet, or rugged handheld.

The data can be entered directly in the barn. For this purpose, the barcode on the sow card is scanned with the smartphone or handheld. The data can then be entered quickly and easily into the app. With our mobile app and dedicated hardware pig, farmers can scan barcodes and electronic ear tags, LF or UHF RFIDs. Several users can enter data at the same time. A continuous connection to the internet is not required.

Both kinds of data can be captured. Individual piglets can be followed from birth until slaughter. All traits that are related to pig production can be recorded.

PigExpert offers the possibility to set up several users with different rights. Depending on the individual, organisational structure and work processes of a company/farm. The administrator can set which user can see the animal services and who can access financial data or both.

Based on our experience, weekly or daily recording works best. However, this point depends on how the company/farm is structured and what suits the individual workflows best. We advise to record matings daily, farrowings once a week and weaning one or two days before weaning. Weaning data should also be entered weekly if possible.

PigExpert offers data capture of all types of data that are related to pig production, farrow to finish or even boar studs. It is up to the pig farmer what he wants to capture and measure. He can select the parameters relevant to his company on his own and change them at any time. Traits that are not used will be hidden to keep it user friendly.

We offer both online and telephone support to our customers. Users of the PigExpert mobile app also receive face-to-face support from affiliated distributors when required. By means of remote maintenance, we can check the consistency of the system and ensure smooth functioning.

PigExpert has an integrated control function. We use reports in the system to outline the animals with poor performance. PigExpert gives a warning if you enter data that is not possible or illogical.

The most effective solution for farmers is a combination of the PigExpert mobile app and ProductionMonitor. This module offers a weekly management report based on production data entered into the program. The generated reports are graphically presented and provide quick and easy insight into the current data. These reports can be automatically shared by email with employees and external advisers.

Furthermore, we offer the ConsultantMonitor: a special tool for advisers from the feed industry, veterinarians, KI-stations, etc. By setting up interfaces, the data of all standard management systems can be imported. The ConsultantMonitor converts this data into descriptive graphical reports. 

Also, we have the option to connect to all major global genetic companies to receive breeding indexes in the program. And we have the option to connect to electronic sow feeders. Furthermore, a module to capture antibiotic use and medicine stock is available.

The reports of our Monitoring Tools consist of the graphical representation of all information. Therefore, they are straightforward and easy to understand. Moreover, the administrator can flexibly adapt the reports according to his wishes and needs.

Image below: An example from our reports.

You can define when and how many reports you would receive. The majority of our clients choose weekly reporting. At any time, you can go into the program to receive the reports that you need.

We offer automated statistical analysis on key performance indicators. Find an example below for the average number of pigs born alive (NBA).

Yes, PigExpert offers connections with all kinds of systems such as electronic sow feeders, and a full medicine module is available in the program.

The data is stored on our own server in a professional server park. You may reset your password at any given moment. So, you will never lose any data. The farmer has control over who has access to his data. Data is continuously mirrored to backup systems.

We do provide some planning and predictive tools in our weekly reporting.

The costs depend on which modules and equipment the farmer wants to use and the size of his livestock.

The system currently runs over 800,000 active sows, of which more than 60% is using the PigExpert mobile app for mobile data recording. Several companies use our full track and trace option to follow through the pig from birth to slaughter on an individual level.

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