13 August 2018

Some of the alternative bedding materials mentioned here can be used in conjunction with traditional cereal straw, either to replace it or offset the increased cost and allow straw-bedding supplies to go further

13 August 2018

Strawing up farrowing arcs correctly can help combat piglet mortality in outdoor systems by reducing heat loss

3 August 2018

Pigs kept outdoors are particularly vulnerable to radiant heat gain and it is important that they have access to shade in sunny weather. There are a number of ways in which producers can minimise heat stress

13 August 2018

Tools, market insight and farmer views on dealing with the heat wave and resulting drought

8 August 2018

Views from across our Farm Excellence network on the 2018 heat wave and resulting drought

2 July 2018

How to assess soil compaction, select and operate different types of sub-soiler to loosen the soil efficiently