29 May 2024

The UK Pig Industry Welfare Training Platform has been updated to include best practice for moving and handling pigs outdoors and in straw pens.

3 June 2024

What does an ASF contingency plan look like and how can you play your part in protecting the national herd?

3 January 2024

Preparation is key. Not only does it save time during an outbreak, but it can also help limit the impact too.

29 January 2024

Join this webinar to learn about the German pig industry

2 January 2024

Over the last few years, outdoor bred (ODB) pork and pigmeat has outperformed the total pork market. However, this year the trend appears to have reversed.

8 September 2023

A programme of advanced workshops for pig workers is returning after a four-year break to address the growing challenges and responsibilities in the pork industry.

25 September 2023

Join this webinar to learn about the Mexican pig industry

13 July 2023

As most outdoor pig herds are kept on rented arable land, collaboration between pig keepers and their landlords is crucial.

20 July 2023

We are looking for expressions of interest from trainers who can deliver our Stockperson Plus training courses

13 June 2023

The latest figures reveal a 20% reduction in antibiotic usage for treating pigs on farms in 2022.

23 May 2023

Andrew Palmer, Knowledge Exchange Relationship Manager (Pork), provides an update on our stockperson training courses

27 June 2023

Find out how both pigs and the environment can benefit from sowing grass cover mixes