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2 April 2020

Guidance on providing the correct quality and quantity of water to pigs

2 April 2020

See the latest AHDB estimates of GB weekly pig and sow slaughterings.

1 April 2020

It is vital to monitor water use in pig production for improved efficiency and cost control

1 April 2020

This section provides guidance on water system setup and maintenance, the importance and methods of maintaining water quality and how to avoid waste. It also explores water supply management.

19 March 2020

In light of the evolving situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), Pig Health Scheme assessments have been suspended

16 March 2020

This popular annual publication has been updated with (the latest) 2018 data and, for the first time, reports on indoor and outdoor sows separately.

16 March 2020

This report examines the relative costs of pig meat production up to farmgate level in selected countries (data relates to 2018).

11 March 2020

The EU trading situation with China has changed significantly over the past 18 months, in this report we address how this might affect our original analysis.

26 February 2020

Fat levels in UK pork have dropped new research has revealed, in the first official testing for nearly 30 years.

27 February 2020

An inspection of the UK’s pork market by Mexican inspectors has been branded ‘positive’ by industry leaders – as ambitions to gain market access move a step closer.

15 July 2020

Training: Stockperson Development Scheme, Central

1 July 2020

Training: Stockperson Development Scheme, Central