Quantum is a real-time, cloud-based pig farm monitoring platform that detects, classifies and quantifies livestock.

The web-based service that connects to farm servers runs the algorithms to classify animals in real-time by receiving a livestream from the cameras on the farm.

Data is wirelessly sent to the cloud, where image processing starts: detecting, identifying and weighing pigs. All results are saved to the database. This approach is perfect for farmers who no longer have to wait for hours or an entire day to measure and compare data about their livestock.

The data is captured from a video stream from a camera placed on the farm.

We work with every separate instance, so it is an individual animal processing; however, we deal with multiple individuals on every frame.

The team lead or project manager.

The data is captured continuously.

Frames extracted from the video.

Support can be provided by contacting us on our website.

Yes. There is an outlier filtering mechanism to select pigs that are suitable for weighing.

Behaviour analysis can be added, analysis of eating habits, lack of mobility, aggressive behaviour.

To see the results, we can use a web application.

The results are received close to real-time. Statistical analysis can be added as a custom feature.

One of the next steps for system development is to integrate a feed regulation module into the current system.

The video is processed locally where the cameras are located on JetsonNano; a secured infrastructure for storing video data can be built on demand.

Only pig weighing prediction.

The costs are approximate – $1 per animal per year, hardware equipment and installation for the client costs.

As we do customisation and sell it under white-label, we are not able to share a success story. However, we have a demo website that can demonstrate some features of the solution.

More information can be found here.