PigVision by AgroVision

PigVision (formerly known as WinPig) is the latest management software from AgroSoft/AgroVision. The program is developed in cooperation with pig producers, consultants and veterinary experts.

For new users, PigVision is highly flexible, and it can be set up within minutes. The AgroSoft pig team will also help in transferring your existing herd data into the software. 

Either via our Android or iOS apps or input via a PC directly into the software. Automatic import of certain other data is also possible.

Both. Individual sow data or group data for the feeding herd along with possibilities to enter feed and costs, etc

The customer owns the data, but AgroVision hosts the software and data on our online server, so it is safe and secure, and manages it on our customer's behalf.

This is up to the customer to decide, but it can be done daily, weekly, or monthly. Instant entry of data beside the animal as it occurs is possible via the use of our apps.

All individual sow data and events, feed, costs, medication, etc. and all events for the feeding/finishing herds for both batch and continuous flow herds.

Both are available during office hours Monday to Friday with support via email at all other times.

If you record the data, you can analyse it, and it will help to identify issues on the farm that need immediate attention or will help improve overall performance.

The customer has access to the full PigVision software (breeding and feeding herd) at all times but can add access to our sow and feeding herd app at any time. The ability to read electronic ear tags is also possible.

Results are shown either in the PigVision software (tables, graphs, etc.) or in our new myagrovision portal, which brings data to life and is easy to read and interpret.

Reports can be run on demand when required. All reports are based on the data entered across the chosen time period. We also produce a quarterly benchmarking report that anonymously shows how indoor and outdoor herds are performing across the major KPIs.

Specific systems can be interfaced with, and more will be added in future.

Customers log in via a username and password, and are only given access to the data each individual is given permission to view and amend by the system administrator. All data is securely backed up daily.

Various options are available, and more forecasting tools will be added in the future.

The PigVision software is available on a per sow per year basis, meaning it is affordable for all. We have customers ranging from large multi-herd integrated businesses to small independent producers with under 100 sows. Data is always owned by the customer, and we will work with them, should data need to be exported to other systems or simply into Excel or similar.

We are the UK's leading software provider to the pig industry and recently celebrated 21 years since our incorporation. We are owned by a sizeable multi-sector software company and employ close to 200 people around the world. We offer local and experienced support to our customers in the format they prefer, at a time convenient to them.

We can offer a solution for all business sizes to help them get the best out of the data and assist them in improving performance.

We are constantly developing our software, focusing on moving it all into the ‘cloud’ thanks to a large, multi-year investment by our parent company.

Our web portal myagrovision.com will become the centre for recording, reporting and analysing data captured on-farm via our apps or PC.  

More information can be found here.