The PigCHAMP line of products is an integrated suite of powerful management tools for the swine industry.

Used worldwide by producers, veterinarians, and management consultants for swine data collection, management, and interpretation.

Data can be entered through a computer, network environment, Android or iOS mobile device, tablet or imports via an Excel or CSV file.

You can analyse individual data, herd data, all farm data or all the farms within your database.

Data can be managed by owners, farm staff, production manager or consultants.

We recommend daily via PigCHAMP online or mobile device for real-time analysis.

All events on reproductive and grow finish farms as well as body condition scores and notes.

Yes, for support, there is online, email and direct phone.

Yes, you are able to set up targets for each farm so that you can quickly see outliers. PigCHAMP reports can be customised to easily access the level of data needed for analysis.

PigCHAMP can be installed on a standalone computer, network environment or online version. Additional options are progeny module, interfaces for ESF and genetic companies to third-party vendors. You can also import feed and packer information via a CSV file. Interfaces to third-party vendors are dependent on their software requirements.

Anytime you run a report, your new data entered will be included. You can also create groups of reports to process at certain times, for example, every Monday. Yes, we have some statistical analysis and are developing more for future releases.

Weekly for herd management (task reports, etc.) and ‘monthly’ for management analysis – although the definition of monthly can be user-defined (to accommodate batches).

Yes, we have interfaces for many ESF systems and genetic companies. PigCHAMP can also develop specific interface and reports specific to the needs of our clients.

If the client uses our online system, the data is housed on a secure Q9 server. We also have security in place for our mobile applications. If our software is on a client's computer or network, it would be the security protocols they have in place.

By setting farm targets, our clients are able to compare actual production against defined targets needed to reach production levels for their farm. We also have a service CUSUM report. This report will determine whether the correct number of females are being served each week based on the target. Our Grow Finish Sales Planning Report analyses weekly inventory for open groups to identify the number of pigs available to be sold weeks out. 

PigCHAMP fees are based on the number of active reproductive animals in your herd and the number of growing pigs placed in your locations.

There are fees for interfaces to ESF systems, Genetic Improvement Software, Pedigree Certificates and interfaces developed for specific clients. You can export data from reports or pig history files at no additional fees.

Yes, a study was undertaken on using our mobile software and the amount the mobiles saved per sow per year. We have stories on PigCHAMP's quick and easy evaluation of the production system to help make management changes in production.

Our program is easy to enter data and generate reports: Helps to make genetic improvement in the herd by timely access to information that drives culling decisions; ability to get detailed and timely reports; ability to customise data entry and reports to capture data that is important for research or specific needs of the farm; ability to track back on shipping data to receive concrete evidence on variables such as semen or ration trials; continued development of new features, functionalities and technology advancements. 

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