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The Weed Resistance Action Group (WRAG)

The AHDB-supported Resistance Action Groups (RAGs) are informal, UK-based groups consisting of experts from the Crop Protection Association (CPA) member companies, other representatives from the agrochemical industry, a range of independent organisations, including public-sector research institutes, and the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD).The groups are completely independent of AHDB and work to produce guidance on pesticide resistance issues. As part of its support to the resistance action groups, AHDB publishes WRAG guidance.

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Resistance Action Groups

In this video (above), AHDB's Paul Gosling describes the findings from AHDB research that investigates how farming practices can alter the risk of glyphosate resistance developing in UK grassweeds.


Resistance status


  • Outlooks on Pest Management glyphosate special (December 2018). This issue features several key articles on glyphosate. It includes a paper by James Clarke, chairman of WRAG, which looks at the role of glyphosate and issues around protecting its efficacy.

Resistance testing

Seeing the big picture on herbicide resistance

An over-reliance on blackgrass herbicides is blamed for leading growers down a blind alley, where they now face a wall of herbicide resistance. AHDB-funded research is looking at the bigger picture to help find the best way forward.

Seeing the big picture on herbicide resistance (CPM article, March 2019)


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