13 April 2021

Summary of the SCEPTREplus narcissus trials

25 March 2021

From rotation and cultivation to crop protection, Colin Chappell takes stock of all available information before taking final decisions.

6 April 2021

Latest views and analysis from AHDB technical experts on IPM strategies for horticulture

29 March 2021

Read the latest updates from researchers looking at new plant protection products for horticulture crops in our SCEPTREplus project

12 April 2021

The most recent extension of authorisations for minor use secured for plant protection products

22 February 2021

Joanna McTigue on our response to the closure of LTAEU to support growers of ornamental crops

5 March 2021

How we secure authorisations for plant protection products for UK horticulture

4 February 2021

What would the removal of AHDB funding mean for horticulture scientific innovation? Professor Rosemary Collier, University of Warwick, offers her perspective

28 January 2021

Each species of brome has a different distribution across the UK.

29 January 2021

Identify your field’s brome populations to help target management

29 January 2021

Learn about the non-chemical options at the heart of brome control

17 March 2021

To manage clubroot, extend the rotation, limit movement of infected materials, manage weeds, improve soil drainage and maintain soil above pH 7