Oilseed rape guide

All the main areas associated with growing oilseed rape are covered in this guide – from understanding the market, to its agronomic, harvest and storage requirements.

What's inside the OSR guide?

Although the technical content remains the same as the 2015 edition, the reissued 2018 guide has a fresh new look and is easier to navigate.

  • Market selection
  • Variety choice
  • Yield determination (green area index images)
  • Rotation planning
  • Nutrient management
  • Canopy management (including desiccation)
  • Disease information (including downy mildew, grey mould, phoma leaf spot, light leaf spot, sclerotinia stem rot, clubroot, verticillium wilt and turnip yellows virus)
  • Pest information (including slugs, cabbage stem flea beetle, peach–potato aphid, pollen beetle, seed weevil and brassica pod midge)
  • Weed information (including black-grass, crane’s bill, cleavers, charlock, wild radish, poppy and volunteer cereals)
  • Harvest and storage information
  • At-a-glance management timings

Further information

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