11 May 2022

We use Farmbench data to demonstrate how it can pay to cut nitrogen.

6 April 2022

Use our EWR data to gauge soil nitrogen supply (SNS)

28 March 2022

From selecting varieties to marketing the crop, this conference has it covered.

18 March 2022

At what point should you quit chasing extra wheat protein?

11 March 2022

Key points from a recent UKCPVS presentation on the topic.

10 March 2022

With fertiliser prices sky rocketing, what can farmers and agronomists do?

1 April 2022

Learn about our investment in nutrient research.

15 December 2021

Richard Meredith discusses how a summer catch crop helped to lower nitrogen losses.

1 December 2021

Do biostimulants have a role to play in the production of cereals and oilseeds?

16 May 2022

How can the soil-plant interaction be improved at drilling?

30 March 2022

Accounting for fertiliser and feed prices, it calculates the cost benefit of applying nitrogen to grassland.

16 March 2022

Accounting for fertiliser and grain/oilseed prices, it calculates the adjustment in the amount of nitrogen to apply to cereals and/or oilseeds crops.