9 December 2020

Join us for a webinar on practical measures to reduce soil erosion.

18 November 2020

Find out how Andrew Palmer, KE Manager, has been working with stakeholders to assess the value of FYM and the impact it can have on crop productivity

3 November 2020

The webinar covered: Setting up fencing and water troughs for rotational grazing Tracking growth rates and ewe body condition How to measure grass and forage Acting on soil test results Planning for the autumn and winter

24 November 2020

How to assess the health of your own soils easily with the aid of AHDB resources

17 November 2020

Hear about the cover ans catch crop trials at the Strategic Farms

11 November 2020

This webinar is part of Agri-Tech Week The Rotations Partnership is a collaboration between industry partners and four research organisations, looking at the impact of rotations on crop yields.

14 December 2020

Join us for the latest webinar in our Monitor Farm Mondays series, where we will be discussing soil health and reviewing soil health scorecard results.

19 November 2020

Learn how to improve your approach to soil health with a new way of looking at soils aimed specifically at the potato industry.

21 September 2020

A video explaining how the Agronomists' Induction will work in 2020

1 September 2020

Cereals grower Rob Waterston has managed to grow a robust crop of winter wheat using minimal fungicide inputs

30 November 2020

The Agronomists’ Induction introduces new and student agronomists to AHDB

3 September 2020

Green manures, also referred to as fertility building crops, may be broadly defined as crops grown for the benefit of the soil. There is a wide range of species that can be drawn upon, each with their particular qualities and this factsheet aims to help growers select the most appropriate green manures to fit various roles.