1 February 2022

Learn about our investment in evidence-based soil management information and tools.

16 February 2022

An evening of discussion on your soils - practical measures to get the most from your soils and inputs, as well as tools and regulations to be aware of

26 January 2022

Glovers Farm recently underwent a soil health review to establish the status of what lies beneath.

21 December 2021

Anne Bhogal, an ADAS soil scientist, explains how a soil health scorecard is being used to assess the impact crop management has on the biological, chemical and physical properties of soil.

16 December 2021

Conducted over three (often challenging) seasons, trials showed a flexible and holistic management approach is best.

10 December 2021

Discover how a structured way to monitor changes to soil health is being delivered by a five-year research programme.

17 November 2021

Our recent webinar explored how to exploit organic materials to keep a lid on the crop-nutrition bill.

12 November 2021

With artificial fertiliser costs high and Farming Rules for Water limiting the autumn use of muck, we look at how optimise the use of these organic materials in arable crops.

12 November 2021

AHDB Strategic Cereal Farm Scotland uses cover crops to provide living root in soils all year round.

20 October 2021

New approaches to parasite control to improve livestock and soil health

20 October 2021

Integrated farming strategies to improve farm health and performance webinar

14 October 2021

Understand the different soil types to inform the best management strategy.