4 March 2021

AHDB Knowledge Exchange Manager Teresa Meadows looks closer at the technique with no ‘easy button’ (blog)

4 March 2021

Hampshire Farmer David Miller and AHDB’s Harry Henderson unearth the secrets of regenerative agriculture (podcast and article).

4 March 2021

Understanding the importance of carbon in agricultural soils is paramount to meeting environmental goals.

2 March 2021

Understanding the impact of fertilisers and organic materials have on the carbon footprint of your farm is important both in environmental and financial terms.

1 March 2021

This webinar is for levy payers who want to understand more about the carbon cycle and where they fit into it.

3 March 2021

Getting to know your carbon footprint and how it can be reduced

16 March 2021

Learn more about carbon sequestration and practical ways of increasing carbon storage and managing your soils effectively.

2 March 2021

A week of events looking at practical advice for farmers and growers on carbon measurement and environmental management

3 February 2021

We have moved our popular Agronomy Roadshows online this year so we can still let farmers in Scotland know about the latest crop research. As well as addressing some of the hot topics affecting their businesses, not just in Scotland but local to their region.

3 February 2021

Join us for the latest East Midlands regional webinar where we will be discussing soil health with the region's monitor farmers

5 January 2021

How G's use and adopt AHDB-funded research and services

23 February 2021

It is important to investigate the causes of poor establishment or growth