Track flight arrivals with AHDB Aphid News

Friday, 29 March 2019

Earlier this month, AHDB announced that aphids are due to fly about two weeks earlier than average this year. From next Friday, flight arrivals can be tracked through AHDB Aphid News.

The e-newsletter provides regional information on aphid species and numbers. It is emailed weekly (Friday) during the main aphid flight period (typically, April to November).

The latest aphid forecasts, as well as information on how to sign up to receive Aphid News, are published on the AHDB website:

For cereal and oilseed rape growers, the service will be particularly valuable this autumn – when crops will be drilled without the protection afforded by a neonicotinoid seed treatment.

In autumn, some aphid species can transmit yield-robbing viruses to cereals and oilseed rape. This week, AHDB updated its virus management guidance. It includes a new publication that can be downloaded today or picked up at a range of AHDB events this summer.