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New pork cuts unlock profit from a third of the carcase

Monday, 4 November 2019

Innovative butchery has developed 35 new pork cuts from the front section of the carcase, which accounts for around a third of it.  

Should industry adopt the new methods profits may increase significantly, creating new uses from what is known as the forequarter, commonly used for lower value offerings like chops and sausage meat.

Cuts such as the Derby rib, a chuck eye joint, a Presa steak, pork Henry and Boston butt have been created, drawing innovation from global butchery methods and cooking research.  

Our Business Development Manager and Master Butcher, Dick van Leeuwen created the new guide to help futureproof the industry.

He said: “Consumer demands and eating habits are continually changing therefore there is a constant need for new cuts and product development.

“By using seam butchery – which preserves individual muscles within the pork forequarter, utilising the bone structure and upgrading individual muscles into modern, consumer friendly cuts for the retail and foodservice sectors, represents significant profit opportunities for a variety of businesses working with pork. 

Within the new range are cuts suitable for a variety of cooking methods like, ready meals, sous vide – a partial cook method to reduce consumer cooking time and increase shelf life – BBQ, roasting, pot-roasting, grilling and frying.

You can download the Profit from the Pork Forequarter guide here.

We would welcome feedback on the new cuts from pork processors, producers and butchers via

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