Lockdown learning boosts meat industry expertise

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

New students signing up to AHDB’s award winning Meat Education Programme (MEP) has increased by 50% since government restrictions began.

Not only are more signing up to the programme but more are investing their time to complete it, with pass rates also increasing by 10%.

The nationwide lockdown has forced much of the meat industry to shut up shop, however many are taking the opportunity to brush up on their meat expertise with the free online tool.

A Passion to Inspire, an initiative to connect education and industry has also helped bring the MEP to virtual classrooms across a number of universities and colleges.

​Murray Chapman of First Contact Chefs and Director of the volunteer group said, “Both are fantastic initiatives and bringing them together really benefits all the students and chefs we reach, not just through education but also through inspiration and passion."​

Our programme is for butchers, meat suppliers, chefs and front of house colleagues’ alike to advance and hone their skills. Primarily providing practical and theoretical butchery for beef, lamb and pork, and cooking skills to offer the optimal customer service experience.​

A wealth of resources, from menu inspiration to nutritional claims guides complement the programme, all with the aim to help the industry bring as much value as possible to their products and business. 

AHDB’s Programme Development Manager and Master Butcher Dick Van Leeuwen said “The programme was launched in 2016 to help bring much needed skills and expertise to the meat industry. Four years on and we have awarded almost 9000 certificates, that’s 9000 more meat experts able to make the best of their great produce and help drive their business.

​“It’s really positive that those with a bit of unexpected extra time on their hands are taking advantage of the programme. I hope more will, after all it’s free, tailored to your role and business, and best of all you can take the exam as many times as you need.”

​To sign up or for more information about our Meat Education Programme visit ahdb.org.uk/mep