Sheep Breeders Round Table online conference - session 6 (NSA)

Host: National Sheep Association (NSA) Chairman: Dan Phipps, NSA Chairman

Breeding sheep for the future – genetics to meet the requirements of farmers, society and policymakers

Session 1: A view from overseas Denis Gautier, Institut de l'Élevage, France, will look at the role of innovative technology to progress genetics. He will explain how ‘The Digital Farm’ evaluates innovative technology for breeders and commercial sheep farmers.

Session 2: The UK agenda - Can genetics keep everyone happy?
Phil Stocker, NSA Chief Executive, will provide an overview on breeding for meat, wool and milk, environmental targets and societal expectations around a managed rural environment. his is followed by a facilitated discussion led by Dan Phipps, NSA Chairman, involving sheep breeders from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Summary of the week / closing comments from Charles Sercombe, SBRT Chairman



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