Selection and carcase classification

20 May 2021

The fifth-year results from the RamCompare project reveal how rams with key breeding traits can drive productivity and optimise flock profitability.

20 May 2021

RamCompare is the UK’s commercial progeny test for terminal sire rams. Over five breeding seasons, we have recorded the performance of 26,000 lambs sired by 280 rams through artificial insemination (AI) and natural mating.

19 November 2021

Breeding sheep for the future – genetics to meet the requirements of farmers, society and policymakers

18 November 2021

Future proofing your sheep business

17 November 2021

Terminal sire breeding and new ways to sell stock

16 November 2021

Innovative technology to support the sheep sector

15 November 2021

Multi-breed evaluation for maternal breeds and Enhancing maternal performance

15 November 2021

Back to basics: A practical guide on why and how to use EBVs within your commercial flock

25 May 2021

Promoting lamb survival and ewe longevity has been a key focus for AHDB’s Challenge Sheep project, which also looks at the ewe’s lifetime performance and best practice for managing replacement ewes.

17 March 2021

Performance records provide ram breeders and commercial ram buyers with the best way to assess the genetic potential of breeding rams.

19 February 2021

Find out what you can do to improve meat quality post-slaughter.

19 February 2021

Find out how a high level of stress in the last couple of days prior to slaughter can impact red meat quality.