Selection and carcase classification

1 May 2019

Finisher pig management skills for stockpeople with existing pig husbandry knowledge.

25 February 2019

Regional Forum (South): Have your say on the quality and relevance of our work.

7 May 2019

Finisher management workshop

14 February 2019

The latest edition of The Bulletin is now available to download. Topics include nutrition, breeding, costings and more.

3 December 2018

A total of £1.3 million will be reinvested in the beef and lamb and pork sectors after the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) sold its carcase classification arm.

19 November 2018

Five new Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for traits that farmers are directly paid for have been developed to help farmers improve profits by producing more beef animals that meet target specification.

5 November 2018

The R&D Review is a summary of some of the work the Beef & Lamb sector is carrying out on behalf of levy payers to help their businesses become more efficient and sustainable.

30 October 2019

Returns to sheep farmers can be improved by delivering a product that fits the customer's needs. This means deciding which market to target and making decisions based on that. This booklet aims to help producers understand market specifications and the factors that can effect carcase value and producer returns

16 July 2020

With potentially increasing feed costs, it may become more profitable to finish pigs at a lower slaughter weight. Use this information to find out how to go about this.

27 August 2019

The way for sheep producers to maximise returns is to produce and sell the type of sheep buyers really want and are willing to pay for. This manual covers the key issues producers face when marketing prime lambs, from identifying target markets to selecting lambs to market

24 August 2018

With increasingly tight financial margins in beef and sheep production , minimising the losses of saleable meat and offal is important for the whole supply chain. This manual gives an overview of the conditions that cause rejections at post-mortem inspection and how these conditions can be avoided

25 October 2018

To maximise their financial returns, beef producers need to produce and sell the type of finished cattle markets want. This manual gives an overview of the key elements to focus on to produce cattle that meet the needs of the target market as cost-effectively as possible