Integrated slug control

An integrated approach to slug control is the most effective way to control slugs. This publication covers cereals, oilseeds, potatoes and horticulture.

Latest information

  • The molluscicide metaldehyde can be detected in raw (untreated) water above the drinking water standard
  • The deadline for the sale and distribution of metaldehyde slug pellets is 31 December 2020
  • The deadline for the disposal, storage and use up of stocks is 31 December 2021
  • As the situation can change rapidly, the very latest information is published on this page (rather than the publication)

Action points

  • An integrated approach to slug control, using various techniques, is more successful than relying solely on molluscicide pellets
  • Monitor slug activity prior to and throughout the susceptible crop growth stages
  • Use the tool at to find out if you farm in a Drinking Water Protected Area or Safeguard Zone
  • Refer to the metaldehyde stewardship guidelines at