Indoor farrowing environment

It is important to monitor your farrowing house at all times to ensure the best productivity of your pig unit. Use this information to maximise the potential of piglets and sows.

Why the farrowing house is so important

It is critical to limit heat loss from piglets after birth because they:

  • are born wet
  • have a large surface area to body mass
  • have limited energy reserves (brown fat) to produce body heat
  • do not have hair for insulation

If a newborn piglet's temperature does not steadily increase back to normal, it will become lethargic, less competitive and more prone to starvation, disease and death. 

Make sure the farrowing environment is dry, warm and draught-free

Should I upgrade my farrowing accommodation?

Upgrading farrowing accommodation could improve performance, sow and piglet welfare and reduce the time and labour required to run the department.

By installing new farrowing crates and fine-tuning them for optimum performance, a return on investment could be achieved in less than four years.

The benefits of upgrading accomodation include:

  • Reduced pre- and post-weaning mortality, including overlays
  • Improved weaning weight
  • Less time required to feed and clean each day
  • Reduced use of power and water
  • Increased crate numbers
  • Increased pigs/sow/year

Use the information on the pages below to make sure your indoor farrowing environment meets the needs of sows and their newborn piglets.