Creep training

Piglets have different temperature needs (thermal requirements) from sows; the creep area provides the right temperature environment for the piglets and training them to use this area will provide them with a good start in life. 

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The creep has a secondary advantage of being a safe area where piglets can lie away from the sow and reduce the risk of being laid on.

  • Piglets learn the behaviour of using creeps within the first 40–48 hours of life
  • Enclose the piglets within a closed creep as soon as they have finished suckling
  • This can be combined with split suckling, saving time by carrying out the two activities simultaneously
  • Adapt the system to creep type used, for example, a simple box can be used to hold piglets in the correct area
  • Increase the amount of paper bedding to improve the farrowing environment (paper absorbs moisture and helps piglets dry quicker)
  • Keep piglets in the creep area for approximately one hour

For more information on creep feeding see our page on feeding the lactating sow.

Feeding lactating sows