Weaning and small pig management

From small piglet management to establishing the weaned pig, our guidance will help you manage your pigs at weaning.


Weaning is one of the most stressful experiences a piglet will face as they go through many physiological and environmental changes including: 

  • Removal from the sow
  • Mixing with other piglets 
  • Change in diet from a milk to solid feed
  • Changes in the gut

Visit the following pages for further information on establishing the weaner and small piglet management: 

Small piglet management

Piglets that are much smaller than their litter mates can take longer to grow and may need extra care. Find out more about managing low birth weight pigs.

Small piglet management

Establishing the weaned pig

Learn why it is important to establish piglets immediately post-weaning to maintain growth rates, reduce pen variation and lessen the amount of ‘tail-enders’ at point of sale.

Establishing the weaned pig