Indoor farrowing: Keeping piglets healthy

To create a healthy indoor farrowing environment for newborns, attention to detail is key. Use this information to help piglets thrive.

The main aim to produce healthy piglets is to minimise any illness in the newborns and then to prevent the transfer of disease to healthy piglets.

Follow these management practices to help create an environment in which piglets can thrive:

The right system

Operate an all-in all-out system that facilitates thorough cleaning, disinfection and drying between each batch.


Use different equipment for each house and clean piglet equipment between litters to prevent the spread of any disease.

Foot dips

Provide foot dips for each house and intra-house in cases of piglet scour outbreaks – ensure these are managed properly.

Floor maintenance

Maintain the integrity of the farrowing house flooring. Make sure any cracks are repaired and remove any pooling of liquid through poor drainage or leaking pipes/troughs.

Pen divisions

Replace old wooden pen divisions with robust, easily-cleaned and quick-drying materials.

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