Indoor farrowing: How to improve suckling

Suckling is important for increasing the body temperature of newborn piglets. Use this information to keep sows calm and relaxed while piglets need to feed.  

How to keep the sow or gilt comfortable

There are a number of practical things you can do to improve suckling.

  • Make sure the crate is the correct size — This is important so the sow or gilt can lie down comfortable position
  • Adjust the bottom rail — This is so she can expose both rows of teats
  • Leave a radio on — Background noise can help if sows are anxious when hearing strange noises
  • Assist normal nesting behaviour — This could include providing bedding/paper bag or a piece of rope or toy attached to the crate

These things will help relax the sow or gilt and make her more likely to lie calmly and suckle her litter.