Pig Health Scheme

Find out how to join the Pig Health Scheme and how it can help you to tackle hidden costs caused by disease. 

Join the Pig Health Scheme to help you asses the current health status of your herd, monitor the effects of management changes and inform decisions around disease control.

How can I join the Pig Health Scheme?

Membership of the scheme is free to all producers – reports will be sent to you automatically, two days after each assessment. Signing up is quick and easy and can be done through your Pig Hub account today.

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If you were a member of the previous BPHS, you have been automatically enrolled into the Pig Health Scheme.

How to use the reports

The Pig Health Scheme report can be used to:

  • Provide a baseline of the current health status of your herd
  • Benchmark against other members of the scheme using aggregated and anonymised data
  • Monitor the effects of management changes on the health of pigs, such as feed or a vaccination programme change
  • Inform decisions around disease control with your vet

Pig Health Scheme guide – healthy pigs for healthy profits

How can my herd be assessed?

Assessors on the scheme monitor English pigs at slaughter for prevalence and severity of 12 conditions. Assessments (which began in March 2019) are carried out by specially trained veterinary assessors at 11 designated abattoirs throughout England. Find out when the next assesment is in your area: 

Assessment dates

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