5 March 2024

Later this month, red meat businesses from the UK will be heading to the Annual Meat Conference in the USA as part of a key visit to help grow British pork, beef and lamb exports.

18 January 2024

Make the most of selling your lamb – tips of the trade

2 August 2023

Find out how our isotope testing project can be used to verify whether pork products are truly British

19 February 2024

Latest industry communications for the Digital Grain Passport

16 December 2022

Understand the differences between CCIR and the Pig Health Scheme and learn how you can use them to optimise the health and welfare of your pigs.

18 July 2022

Five of America’s most respected red meat importers will join AHDB on a five-day mission to explore opportunities for UK lamb, ahead of the first commercial exports.

1 June 2022

Over the last few years, fewer and fewer companies having been enrolling staff on the abattoir apprenticeship, which places it at risk of being de-listed.

17 March 2022

In March and April, we anticipate that Pig Health Scheme assessments will resume in all 11 plants.

22 December 2021

What you need to know right now about the UK-Australia FTA

7 December 2021

David Eudall discusses new research demystifying how trade assurance schemes operate and the costs involved

29 October 2021

The announcement of an ‘agreement in principle’ for a future trade deal with New Zealand has heightened concern that British farmers will be undercut by cheap food imports.

3 August 2021

Love Lamb Week (LLW) is celebrating its seventh year with a focus on the sustainability of lamb production in the UK.