Feeding maize silage for cattle and sheep

See our information to help understand the feed value of maize silage and maize grain, and some example rations for feeding cattle and sheep.

Feed value of maize silage and maize grain

Maize is a high energy, high starch feed. Read more about how maize compares to grass silage for protein, energy, and dry matter.   

Feed value of maize silage and maize grain

Feeding maize silage to cattle

Find out if feeding maize is suitable for your cattle and see our information on protein supplementation and feeding co-products.

Learn more about feeding maize silage to cattle

Feeding maize silage to sheep

See our example rations and top tips for feeding maize to ewes or store lambs.

Read more on feeding maize silage to sheep

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Download our guide to growing and feeding maize silage

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