Grassland Management

7 August 2020

Livestock farmers are encouraged to forward buy or secure their straw requirement, or look at alternative bedding options for this coming winter, sooner rather than later.

20 August 2020

Join James Daniel (Progressive Farming Ltd), John Frizzell (Datamars Livestock) and Dane de Boorder (GCGB contributor) for this webinar focusing on how rotational grazing works on the basic principle of ‘graze and rest’, with increased grass growth and quality leading to better conversion rates for lamb, beef and dairy producers alike.

31 July 2020

Managing outwintered livestock starts with the transition or change of diet. This is important because forage crops differ in composition to grass, and the rumen microbes need time to adapt. It also allows the stock to adapt to foraging rather than grazing, particularly for root crops, and potentially reduce the chance of any weight loss.

31 July 2020

Phil Asbury has been measuring grass for 13 years for his 212-cow spring block herd in Cheshire – this year has had its challenges…

9 September 2020

The Super-G project is a European wide project aiming to work with farmers and policy makers to develop sustainable & effective permanent grassland systems.

27 July 2020

AHDB supported a panel discussion from the British Grassland Society , featuring a conversation between Paul Muto, Natural England; Professor Chris Reynolds, University of Reading; Sam Lane, Cotswold Seeds and dairy farmer, Rob Richmond.

24 July 2020

Sam Alexander is managing 340 Kiwi crosses in mid-Wales in her first year as a grassland manager.

22 July 2020

Join AHDB and Dr Luppo Diepenbroek, Independent consultant, for a webinar on outwintering cattle.

17 July 2020

Next month, it’s time to start planning your farm’s grazing to set up for spring 2021. So keep measuring, take a look at long-range weather forecasts and use your grazing software to help you make good decisions. This advice, from LIC grazing consultant Bess Jowsey, comes on the back of an expensive grazing season for many herds hit by the drought.

17 July 2020

Outwintering has several potential advantages over housing, but these have to be carefully weighed against possible concerns over animal welfare in unsuitable field conditions, the risk of soil erosion and performance targets.

7 July 2020

AHDB’s Animal Health & Welfare Scientist ,Siwan Howatson, and Helen Mathieu, Area Sales Manager at Germinal delivered a webinar looking at the use of red and white clover to improve performance.

7 July 2020

Across the whole season, growth rates of around 1 kg are achievable at grass, depending on stock type, pasture quality and length of grazing season. Good grazing management can reduce cost of production through lower feed costs, improved growth rates and a longer grazing season and lead to higher stocking rates.