Grassland Management

10 June 2022

If you want to try new ways to establish green protein forages and are able to offer up to 0.5ha during the 2022 growing season then we would like to hear from you.

10 June 2022

If it hasn’t rained in two weeks and the forecast is for no rain in the next two weeks, then halve or eliminate the inorganic nitrogen fertiliser application you are about to make. Don’t bother playing catch-up by applying more later, the opportunity has gone. Just ensure you make applications when the rain returns.

1 June 2022

Fast clamp filling is efficient – it no longer takes three weeks to fill a clamp with a herd’s winter feed.

18 May 2022

Ruminant News spring/summer 2022 - with the recent rise in the cost of living and energy bills, this issue is very much focused on reducing fixed costs on farm. One farmer talks about reducing labour and medicine costs through using Targeted Selective Treatment when it comes to their worm control within his flock, whilst a beef suckler farmer talks about how he has reduced fertiliser use and reduced feed costs by optimising his grazing and has increased his outputs by doubling his herd size. The magazine also contains the fantastic results in changing consumer buying habits following the We Eat Balanced campaign and there are some dates for your diary on the back too.

13 May 2022

South African Apie Pieterse manages a split-block herd in Nottinghamshire where he has not only learned rotational grazing from scratch, but also honed his skills on heavy land in a dry area.

17 May 2022

An article looking at when is the best time to sow

17 May 2022

An article that looks at how to choose your silage inoculant carefully

7 June 2022

The widely reported energy crisis may have caused our domestic energy bills to increase, but it has also led to dramatic price hikes for fuel, nitrogen fertilisers and feed costs.

8 June 2022

One of the key objectives for Beef & Lamb Monitor Farmers, G Sordy & Sons, is to build farm resilience. To do this they are working to reduce costs, without compromising animal performance.

26 May 2022

Ian joined the AHDB Strategic Farm programme in 2017 with the aim of creating a profitable suckler business which also allowed him to spend time with his young family.

25 March 2022

Buy fertiliser if you can get it – but it’s just as important to test slurry this year and know exactly how much nitrogen you have.

18 March 2022

Even if you’ve had a good start to spring, make sure you still have an alternative grazing plan for a change in weather.