Grassland Management

5 March 2024

Find out how to include pigs in arable rotations and implement best practices when planning which fields to occupy and for how long.

14 November 2023

As we draw Forage for Knowledge to a close on another grazing season, it's time for us to reflect on the year's successes and challenges.

14 February 2024

Join us for a farm meeting at Strathmiglo, where the topic of the day will be farmyard manure (FYM).

30 October 2023

Read about Adrian Coombe's time as an AHDB strategic farmer

3 November 2023

Managing pastures during wet weather can be a complex and challenging task, but it's essential for the sustainability and productivity of livestock farming.

4 January 2024

On/off grazing for cows in autumn offers many benefits for UK farmers.

3 November 2023

Planning the autumn grazing rotation for the closing period is crucial.

3 November 2023

Deferred grazing emerges as a valuable tool for livestock producers. By carefully managing grazing fields, farmers can reduce winter feed costs, enhance animal health, and promote ecological well-being.

13 July 2023

As most outdoor pig herds are kept on rented arable land, collaboration between pig keepers and their landlords is crucial.

12 July 2023

Capture a full picture of soil health with our ‘scorecard’

27 April 2023

The application of PLR principles at a farm in Northumberland.

20 April 2023

Emily Collins provides top tips for cutting, harvesting, ensiling and clamping to help you produce high-quality silage.