Grassland Management

8 April 2021

How George Wade will make the most from multi-cut silage, eliminate waste and make efficient use of machinery

7 April 2021

While recording grass growth on your paddock walks this year, it’s also worth making a note of boggy patches, blocked outfalls and choked ditches. As changing weather patterns bring extremes of rainfall, it’s important that land drainage systems efficiently remove excess water from the grazing platform.

7 April 2021

Measuring rainfall not only tracks long-term weather patterns but is another tool to help budget feed and grass growth. Although historical data can be used with current weather predictions to make better grazing decisions and more realistic feed forecasts, says Gloucester dairy farmer, Keith Davis.

22 April 2021

An interactive workshop about reaching heifer pre-bulling target weights in a spring block grazing herd

25 March 2021

Grass growth rates are very varied across the country but generally slower than in previous years, and grass looks a lot worse than analysis suggests

18 March 2021

The Welsh Government has announced the introduction of regulatory measures to address agricultural pollution in Wales

1 April 2021

Learn about the recently introduced regulations and how to ensure you comply.

17 March 2021

Learn about carbon sequestration and practical ways of increasing carbon storage and managing your soils effectively.

12 March 2021

How to get the most from multi-cut silage, eliminate waste and make efficient use of machinery.

7 April 2021

With feed still one of the biggest costs facing British dairy farmers, 2021 is the year to focus on driving milk production from our best British crop: grass. Whether it is grazed, clamped or baled, cows need quality forage.

7 April 2021

Soil testing allows for more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective nutrient applications. Through the Soil Testing Pastures project funded by The Sustainable Agriculture Research & Innovation Club at Bangor University, Dafydd Williams from North Wales explored the potential gains from soil testing on one of his silage fields

9 March 2021

AHDB is supporting a panel discussion from the British Grassland Society on feeding and grazing management of herbal leys