Grassland Management

26 April 2024

Deferred grazing emerges as a valuable tool for livestock producers. By carefully managing grazing fields, farmers can reduce winter feed costs, enhance animal health, and promote ecological well-being.

13 July 2023

As most outdoor pig herds are kept on rented arable land, collaboration between pig keepers and their landlords is crucial.

12 July 2023

Capture a full picture of soil health with our ‘scorecard’

27 April 2023

The application of PLR principles at a farm in Northumberland.

20 April 2023

Emily Collins provides top tips for cutting, harvesting, ensiling and clamping to help you produce high-quality silage.

13 April 2023

How best to meet the nutritional requirements of freshly calved heifers.

17 May 2023

In this webinar, AHDB Beef & Lamb Monitor Farmer David Cross, who has recently established a new enterprise alongside Pathway Farming, will talk about the changes being made on his farm.

3 May 2023

AHDB, LIC and BGS are pleased to invite you to this farm walk where we look forward to discussing the practical aspects of running a successful business through producing and utilising grass and forage.

3 November 2023

Based on target areas and dates, we explain how to use our planner to maximise grass intakes this spring.

3 November 2023

With the 2023 grazing season now underway, this is an ideal time to review last year’s grazing and nutrient performance on the farm.

14 October 2022

Dealing with the dry weather of 2022 - a livestock farmer's view

4 October 2022

An update on grass cover trial, including a look at how pig paddocks have held up during prolonged dry periods.