An overview of AHDB research for growers of cereals and oilseeds

At AHDB, we invest in a wide variety of research activities related to the production of cereals and oilseeds. Agronomy Focus, Arable Focus and Arable Review provide a flavour of new, established and completed projects.

Agronomy Focus

Agronomy Focus is a monthly technical e-newsletter for the arable industry from AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds. Sign up for the latest information on our agronomy publications, applied research findings and events.

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Arable Focus

Based on our research, technical articles in Arable Focus magazine (published twice yearly) provide results to help you optimise crop yields and quality.

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Arable Review

Arable Review describes active and completed projects across several thematic sections (varieties, diseases, pests, nutrients, and soils). It provides context for the research and results.

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Working in partnership

AHDB works in partnership with numerous organisations, with several of these collaborations highlighted in the review.

One example is AHDB’s work with the resistance action groups, which produce guidance on pesticide resistance issues. Hosted by AHDB, this information can be used to help protect crops and the long-term efficacy of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.

Another example is the net-zero partnership with BBSRC, which consisted of 10 short projects to support the transition to more sustainable farming systems. In this collaboration, BBSRC provided the funding and AHDB provided the near-market research expertise.

This edition also provides a flavour of on-farm trials in the AHDB Farm Excellence programme. It showcases how AHDB works with farmers to bring research to life at Strategic Cereal Farms and Monitor Farms across the country.