Preserve soils: reduce soil erosion!

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Wednesday, 09 December 2020

2:00pm - 3:30pm

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Join us for a webinar on practical measures to reduce soil erosion. Our speakers are applied agriculture and horticulture researchers from the Cranfield Soil & Agrifood Institute at Cranfield University. They will go through research and commercially-applied case studies on how to prevent small-scale and large-scale soil erosion. The topics that will be covered are:

  • Soil erosion: causes, consequences and cures… - Jane Rickson, Professor of Soil Erosion and Conservation
  • Tramline/wheeling management case studies - Dr Rob Simmons, Reader in Sustainable Soil Management
  • Reducing soil erosion using landscape engineering - Dr Lynda Deeks, Research Fellow in Soil Science

Preserving soils for sustainable agricultural and horticultural food production is everyone’s obligation. The UK Government's website states in their ‘Guide to cross-compliance in England 2020 – GAEC 5’ that: "Practical measures to prevent soil erosion must be according to the risk posed by soil type/topography/rainfall levels and wind-blow.

Recent floods and the heavy winds in May 2020 mean that a review into on-farm soil erosion measures may be required. We need to preserve soils for future generations; let's find out what is being done to help us with the cause. 

This is the last of three AHDB ‘Soil Improvement’ webinars for Autumn 2020. To listen to the previous webinars in this series, please visit:



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