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1 April 2020

How closures will affect meat, dairy and potatoes

10 February 2020

Technology is expanding consumer choice in the food delivery market.

16 January 2020

A range of cuts created from the forequarter that aim to stimulate new ideas in the retail and foodservice sector.

15 January 2020

Data on potato performance in the eating out market

15 January 2020

Snacking is back and health is driving fewer meal choices

27 November 2019

The eating-out market grew over the last year, with breakfast gaining the most visits. While pork has increased occasions slightly, beef, lamb and potatoes have seen declines. We take a look at new trends affecting the market, including the environment, health and provenance.

25 November 2019

Sales have gone into decline as health concerns begin to bite

22 November 2019

Unsettled weather hampered grocery growth this summer

13 January 2020

Celebrations and seasonal events boost food spend significantly. Explore how Christmas, Easter, Halloween and other events affect sales of meat, dairy and potatoes.

11 March 2020

Tools, inspiration, innovation and news from AHDB's Trade team

7 October 2019

Butchers & Processors area for the Meat Education Programme, including study materials and assessment application form

15 January 2020

Hundreds of free-to-use photographs of raw meat, cooked dishes, landscape shots and livestock images