13 June 2019

Is the meaning of 'health' evolving? We explore how health is increasingly subjective, how the supply chain is reacting to these changing needs, as well as opportunities for the future.

11 June 2019

Menus are growing as they cater for more dietary needs. Meat-free is increasing its share of dishes but protein still takes the lions share.

11 June 2019

Dairy is performing strongly in foodservice, despite a difficult market

4 June 2019

How usage of home delivery differs by age and how best to tailor your offering

25 September 2019

Kantar, IGD and Future Thinking join AHDB to analyse opportunities coming from evolving consumer trends

15 March 2019

The value of the eating-out market is in decline. Tailored offerings are key to appeal to consumer segments.

15 March 2019

Increased demand for sausages and bacon, especially at breakfast, has helped to boost pig meat performance in the eating out market.

31 May 2019

The food delivery market has seen double digit growth in the last year as new players enter the market and expand the offering

15 March 2019

Britain’s love for Cheddar still continues to dominate the cheese market, but continental cheese is getting a boost and consumers don’t need to go far to satisfy their taste for the exotic.

27 March 2019

As the UK population continues to age, the older consumers grow in influence. How do we meet their needs for convenience and healthy ageing? Does the older customer still want to eat meat and two veg and a roast on a Sunday? We discover the evolving needs of those aged 55 and over and how they are embracing change.

12 March 2019

34% of eating-out occasions involve potatoes, so how is this changing over time?

12 March 2019

Build a portfolio that meets different target needs