10 May 2022

Vegetarian dishes remain the smallest proportion of menus with only 9% share of main meals

5 May 2022

80% of UK shoppers have noticed shrinkflation happening in retail in the last 12 months

2 March 2022

The UK food-to-go market was worth £15.6bn in 2021, up 16.5% on 2020

21 February 2022

Foodservice insight page collating latest research and articles on the eating out and takeaway markets

7 February 2022

Total spend on red meat reached £1744m in December 2021, higher than both 2020 and 2019.

2 March 2022

As we start 2022 with fewer restrictions than before, how quickly will the foodservice market recover, and what opportunities are there to aid this?

1 December 2021

Processed red meat accounts for 39% of value sales and 96% of households bought a processed meat product in the last year.

16 December 2021

What is predictable for meat and dairy?

7 December 2021

Rachel Rose takes a look at just what Brits think about imported food products against the backdrop of trade negotiations with Australia and the US

8 December 2021

Research suggests that public opinion is divided on whether regulations to introduce calories on menus will be effective at tackling obesity within the UK.

24 September 2021

Since the UK exited the EU, new and potential trade deals have been highlighted in the news. But are UK consumers likely to buy these imported products if they made it inot our supermarkets and restaurants?

2 August 2021

The foodservice market was worth £9.4bn in the last quarter, up 116% on last year, but still 23% down on 2019