Real Welfare for pig producers

This information aims to help pig producers understand how the Real Welfare scheme will impact on and benefit their farm and the industry as a whole.

Real Welfare - main aims

For the farm:

  • Record indicators of pig welfare
  • Monitor changes
  • Help identify areas for welfare improvements

For the industry:

  • Provide evidence of welfare standards
  • Demonstrate welfare standards to the consumer
  • Support the industry

What happens with my farm's Real Welfare results?

Discussing your Real Welfare results with your vet is an ideal way to pinpoint areas for improvement.

The range of management points that Real Welfare assessments can highlight for vets and producers to review include:

  • History of current batch/lesions/conditions
  • Health issues
  • Appropriate ventilation, temperature, shelter, nutrition management
  • Pen hazards, e.g. flooring, obstacles to movement, sharp edges
  • Food and water access/layout – are pigs competing for these resources?
  • Aggression and behaviour

Real Welfare: What's in it for me?

Read more about why Real Welfare is important and the benefits it may have on your business, as we offer explanations to common questions about the scheme.

Real Welfare: What's in it for me?