Preparing for change: the characteristics of top performing farms

Learn about the key characteristics which set the highest-performing farms apart from the rest. 

Staying profitable in times of change

AHDB previously published Brexit scenarios: An impact assessment, aiming to help farmers and growers understand the potential impact of Brexit on their sector.

While the impact varied, both by scenario and sector, one factor remained constant under all scenarios, regardless of sector or farm size: the top 25 per cent of performers, in terms of their ability to turn inputs into outputs, remained profitable.

This Horizon report summarises the results of a project commissioned by AHDB and conducted by Anderson’s Farm Business Consultants in 2018. It includes:

The eight key factors differentiating the top-performing farms

  1. Minimise overhead costs
  2. Set goals and budgets
  3. Compare yourself with others and gather information
  4. Understand the market
  5. Focus on detail
  6. Have a mindset for change and innovation
  7. Continually improve people management
  8. Specialise
  • Sector results and case studies
  • Conclusions
  • Tools for success

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