PHWC Antimicrobial Usage

The Antimicrobial Usage subgroup supports change in the pig industry regarding responsible use of antimicrobials.

The group actively seeks out information on all aspects of antimicrobial usage by the pig industry and identifies crucial gaps in knowledge.

The group recognises the need to safeguard antimicrobials for future generations and reducing the risk of resistance developing. This can only be achieved through an informed approach to antimicrobial usage, based upon evidence in optimising efficacy in antimicrobial administration, as well as investigating alternatives to antimicrobials wherever possible.

It is also vital that the whole of the pig industry supports and adopts these measures in good practice. The Antimicrobial Usage subgroup aims to ensure open and informed communications on its findings to the public and stakeholders.

Delivering practical advice

The subgroup, in conjunction with AHDB, has developed a Practical Guide to Responsible Use of Antibiotics on Pig Farms. These guidelines offer practical advice for farmers and stockpersons on using any presentation of antibiotics when they are prescribed by a vet to treat a health issue.

They must be used in conjunction with advice on optimal management practices to ensure that use will safeguard animal health and welfare without compromising the effectiveness of antibiotics for use in human and animal medicine.

Antimicrobials Benchmark Tool

Use this tool to help you meet Red Tractor Assurance Pig Scheme requirements.

Antimicrobials benchmark tool