Fertility in dairy cows

Fertility is one of the major factors affecting the efficiency of any dairy herd. It can account for one of the major costs of production and also represents an area where significant improvements can be made. 

From the birth of a heifer calf, you control the factors that influence her future fertility and whether she gets in calf on time, every time.

Your management determines her growths, health at calving, recovery before mating, heat detection, mating and conception.

Monitoring herd performance, identifying areas of improvement and considering selection options can help build a framework to improve fertility in your herd.

Poor dairy herd fertility is recognised as having many consequences, both direct and indirect. 

While the first step in reducing unnecessary fertility losses is detailed assessment of individual herd fertility performance, it is important to appreciate that fertility is best appraised as part of a whole farm review.

Guides to improving herd fertility

Our InCalf guides pull together the accepted knowledge on dairy herd fertility management, drawing on our research as well as industry experts across Great Britain and beyond.

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