Improving fertility in block calving herds

Phil Kinch and Ben Redman update us on their work to improve herd fertility following a drop the previous year and how heat detection collars played a role. 

Dave Gilbert of Horizon Vets joined them at an on-farm event to give insight and offer advice for others looking to improve fertility.

Summary of actions taken to improve fertility

  • Buscot Wick Farm followed a structured approach to address their fertility issues. They made many small improvements that resulted in dramatic progress
  • The financial investment in heat detection collars had many benefits especially around the accuracy of submission rates and the subsequent positive effect this had on conception rates
  • The heat detection system more accurately detected sick and calving cows and provided Ben Redman with greater control, consistency and less reliance on other staff
  • Maintaining the correct body condition score had a positive impact on fertility performance
  • Heifer breeding performance was dramatically improved by sychronising the heifers, bringing fertility in house and carefully managing the use of sexed semen
  • By operating a cross breeding programme that utilised a more selective examination of bulls and made decisions based on breeding priorities, strong results were attained. 

Buscot Wick fertility overview

Ben Redman, herd manager at Buscot Wick provides a short update on the fertility and conception rates on the farm.

Vet summary of fertility improvements

Vet Dave Gilbert explains they changes they've made at Buscot Wick to improve fertility, the results and prospects for the future.

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