Harvest Results

The AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) publication provides information on yield and quality performance, agronomic features and market options to assist with variety selection.
This page contains RL Harvest Results for the current harvest year – 2019/20 (links are activated as soon as data are available). For information on previous seasons, visit the archive.


Winter wheat

Winter wheat yield results (pdf) (xls)

Winter wheat harvest results (xls)

Winter wheat trial sites (pdf)

Winter wheat sowing list (pdf)

Wheat sown mid-November to late January

Wheat sown mid-November to late January yield results (pdf) (xls)

Wheat sown mid-November to late January harvest results (xls)

Wheat sown mid-November to late January trial sites (pdf)

Wheat sown mid-November to late January sowing list (pdf)

Spring wheat

Spring wheat yield results (pdf) (xls)

Spring wheat harvest results (xls)

Spring wheat trial sites (pdf)

Spring wheat sowing list (pdf)


Winter barley

Winter barley yield results (pdf) (xls)

Winter barley harvest results (xls)

Winter barley trial sites (pdf)

Winter barley sowing list (pdf)

Spring barley

Spring barley yield results (pdf) (xls)

Spring barley harvest results (xls)

Spring barley trial sites (pdf)

Spring barley sowing list (pdf)


Winter oats

Winter oats yield results (pdf) (xls)

Winter oats harvest results (xls)

Winter oats trial sites (pdf)

Winter oats sowing list (pdf)

Spring oats

Spring oats yield results (pdf) (xls)

Spring oats harvest results (xls)

Spring oats trial sites (pdf)

Spring oats sowing list (pdf)

Oilseed rape

Winter oilseed rape

Winter oilseed rape yield results (pdf) (xls)

Winter oilseed rape harvest results (xls)

Winter oilseed rape trial sites (pdf)

Winter oilseed rape sowing list (pdf)

Other crops (descriptive lists)

Spring oilseed rape

Spring oilseed rape yield results (pdf) (xls)

Spring oilseed rape harvest results (xls)

Spring oilseed rape trial sites (pdf)

Spring oilseed rape sowing list (pdf)

Spring linseed

Spring linseed yield results (pdf) (xls)

Spring linseed harvest results (xls)

Spring linseed trial sites (pdf)

Spring linseed sowing list (pdf)

Winter triticale

Winter triticale yield results (pdf) (xls)

Winter triticale harvest results (xls)

Winter triticale trial sites (pdf)

Winter triticale sowing list (pdf)

Winter rye

Winter rye yield results (pdf) (xls)

Winter rye harvest results (xls)

Winter rye trial sites (pdf)

Winter rye sowing list (pdf)


Results from individual trial sites should not be used to make conclusions on variety performance. The RL is based on information taken from trials across the UK over several seasons – which comprise four years for oilseeds and five years for cereals. These averages provide better information for comparison between varieties. When more results are available, validation procedures will examine cross-site differences further. As more information becomes available from the current harvest, this will contribute to the over-trials averages.