A changing consumer landscape: How have consumer attitudes towards dairy shifted during the coronavirus pandemic?

Following an extraordinary few months for the industry, join the AHDB Retail & Consumer Insight team during a series of six webinars, focused on reviewing how the market and consumers have changed during the coronavirus pandemic, and what opportunities and threats this now presents for AHDB sectors. Read more about our Consumer Insight Conference 2020 here.

Steven Evans will be joined by our sector expert Susie Stannard, to review reputational issues regarding buying British/local, environment, health and animal welfare, and how they impact consumer demand across the dairy sector. Exploring how consumer attitudes towards these issues have shifted during the coronavirus pandemic, we will take an in depth look at what opportunities and threats lie in store for our industry. We will be joined for each sector webinar by AHDB’s Head of Domestic Marketing, Liam Byrne, to discuss how AHDB is working across our industry to maximise some of those opportunities. There will also be time for the team to answer questions from attendees on the topics covered.

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