Grocery retail

24 September 2021

Since the UK exited the EU, new and potential trade deals have been highlighted in the news. But are UK consumers likely to buy these imported products if they made it inot our supermarkets and restaurants?

2 September 2021

As restrictions have eased and the majority of the population is now vaccinated, how has that impacted dairy purchasing habits?

31 August 2021

Online dairy volumes rose 71% in the past year, but opportunities remain

2 August 2021

Over the past year, premium private label sales have been well supported by consumers, with more people reaching for these products on shelves than the previous year.

24 September 2021

Health is a long-standing concern for consumers, and therefore is a topic AHDB monitors regularly.

17 September 2021

Despite a few challenging years, the EU remains a hugely important market for UK red meat and dairy exports.

23 July 2021

ONS shows that in June price rises were at their highest level for nearly three years. So what does this mean for the food industry?

13 July 2021

A guide to processing pork from farm to plate

12 July 2021

A guide to processing lamb from farm to plate

13 July 2021

A guide to processing beef

7 July 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic, have Added Value ranges maintained their relevance? and what are the opportunities going forward?

8 June 2021

Mix Up Midweek pork campaign reached more than 85% of UK households, according to newly released figures, with consumers’ desire to buy pork at its highest level in three years.