Grocery retail

31 January 2024

Red meat volumes grew across the board last Christmas compared to Christmas 2022, whilst turkey remains the UK's favourite roasting joint.

14 March 2024

Dairy demand grew in January, and whilst meat volumes fell compared to a year ago, both meat and dairy outperformed their animal-product counterparts.

10 January 2024

We have explored health-related shopping habits and how attitudes towards healthy food have changed over time.

2 January 2024

While prepared meals are an occasional choice for most, we see these meals play a role in 90% of consumers diets in 2023.

2 January 2024

Are turkeys out? – The cheaper price tags of alternative roast options like gammon and chicken may sway shoppers away from traditional turkey this year

2 January 2024

Average sunshine hours hit a four-year low in July, which had significant impacts on consumer eating habits, particularly BBQs.

2 January 2024

Pork sausages and beef burgers, a staple across British plates. But how are they performing?

2 January 2024

Over the last few years, outdoor bred (ODB) pork and pigmeat has outperformed the total pork market. However, this year the trend appears to have reversed.

8 March 2024

Organic red meat and dairy sales have suffered as the cost of living crisis restricts consumer spending on higher value products.

2 January 2024

Value tier products are the cheapest in the market, and red meat and dairy volumes from this category have grown as consumers trade down tiers

16 February 2024

New Kite report urges urgent action to support the cheesemaking sector

2 January 2024

Favourable prices have limited the drop in primary pork volumes but young shoppers unable to counteract primary pork's decline.