Consumer Insight Conference 2020

Changing landscapes series: what's next for red meat, dairy & fresh produce?

Following an extraordinary few months for the industry, our Retail & Consumer Insight team have focused on reviewing how the market and consumers have changed with COVID-19, and what opportunities and threats this now presents for AHDB sectors.

Presented through two themed webinar series, we provided an in-depth analysis of how changes in consumer purchasing and consumption behaviour is affecting the retail and foodservice market landscape, and a detailed discussion around the changes in consumer attitudes towards key industry reputation issues.

Each theme focused on three specific sector areas, providing a comprehensive overview of the market analysis and insight gathered by AHDB, and a view of how we can expect consumer attitudes and behaviour to change in the coming months.

A changing market landscape: What behavioural changes has coronavirus driven?

AHDB’s Senior Retail Insight Manager, Kim Malley, hosts our webinars exploring how demand has shifted across the retail and foodservice market, and the evolution of shopping and eating habits during the pandemic. Our exclusive ‘first look’ reviews how the eating-out market is recovering, demand outlooks for the dairy, potatoes and red meat markets, and our recommendations for the future.  Our Policy and Economics expert, Sarah Baker, also provides a view on how economic factors, such as Brexit, forthcoming trade deals and the state of the UK economy, are likely to impact the market.

A changing consumer landscape: How have consumer attitudes shifted during the coronavirus pandemic?

Our November webinars explored a changing consumer landscape. Host Steven Evans was joined by our sector experts across dairy, fresh produce and red meat to review reputational issues regarding buying British/local, environment, health and animal welfare, and how they impact consumer demand across each sector. As we explored how consumer attitudes towards these issues have shifted recently, we also considered future opportunities and threats, and their impact for our industry. AHDB’s Senior Marketing Manager, Nicola Dodd, also joined us to discuss how AHDB is working across our industry to maximise some of those opportunities.