Product Quality and Safety

1 July 2020

See the signs of defects and impurities in stored cereal (wheat and barley). This poster shows examples of physical damage, disease, pests, screenings and weed seeds.

5 August 2021

This poster shows the more common of over 50 insect and mites species that may occur in grain stores. Correct identification is important.

17 September 2021

As ergot-contaminated grain poses a risk human and animal health, the pathogen needs to be managed throughout the supply chain.

18 May 2021

Assess the risk of fusarium mycotoxins and record the score on the grain passport.

19 October 2021

The AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) for cereals and oilseeds. Download the 2021/22 booklet and access other RL resources.

18 February 2021

The first ever fresh produce good hygiene practice guide has been launched to support producers of watercress grown in flowing water, with practical advice on how to comply with food hygiene legislation and related requirements.